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Twitter Now Needs Users to Sign in to View Tweets ! In a recent development, Twitter has introduced a new policy that mandates users to have an account on the platform in order to view tweets. This decision, described by owner Elon Musk as a “temporary emergency measure,” aims to address the issue of data pillaging and enhance service quality for regular users.

Restriction on Tweet Viewing

Users attempting to access content on Twitter will now be prompted to create an account or log into their existing one before being able to view their favorite tweets. By implementing this requirement, Twitter aims to safeguard user data and provide a more secure browsing experience.

Elon Musk’s Perspective

Elon Musk expressed his frustration with artificial intelligence companies such as OpenAI utilizing Twitter’s data for training large language models. The increased instances of data pillaging have led him to take swift action in order to protect user privacy and improve the overall performance of the platform.

Efforts Towards Revenue Generation and Advertiser Retention

Under Musk’s ownership, Twitter has taken several measures aimed at attracting advertisers back onto the platform while also diversifying revenue streams through its subscription-based program called Twitter Blue. As part of this initiative, verification check marks are now available exclusively within the paid program.

Focus on Video, Creator, and Commerce Partnerships

Twitter recently announced its plans to prioritize video content along with fostering partnerships in creator communities and commerce sectors. These strategic steps reflect the company’s determination towards expanding beyond digital advertising and revitalizing its business model.

Charging Users for API Access

To further strengthen its ecosystem and ensure better control over third-party apps’ usage of its services, Twitter has begun charging fees for accessing its application programming interface (API). This change is intended not only to generate revenue but also maintain higher standards regarding app integration with external platforms while providing valuable resources for researchers.

By adopting these various strategies, including requiring user accounts for tweet viewing, prioritizing revenue generation, and placing emphasis on video content and partnerships, Twitter aims to enhance user experience, protect data privacy, and secure a sustainable future for the platform.

Twitter View Tweets
Twitter View Tweets

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