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Welcome to our story! We are a team of 4 passionate writers who focus on covering the tech topics and innovation.

Our crew is primarily based in both Spain and the UK, and we were writing about our passion due to the fact 2016. After years of contributing to numerous websites and magazines, we determined to create our own magazine in 2023.

Our team is made up of people who are deeply captivated with technology and innovation. We agree with that generation has the power to alternate the sector, and we are dedicated to covering the state-of-the-art traits and trends within the industry. Our group is made of writers who’ve a diverse range of backgrounds and reports, which allows us to offer unique perspectives on the industry.

We accept as true with that technology is more than only a series of devices and software program – it is a tale approximately how humans are shaping the sector round us. Our intention is to inform these testimonies in a way that is engaging, informative, and accessible to absolutely everyone.

Our team is made up of people who come from distinct components of the arena, and we consider that this diversity is one in all our greatest strengths. We are capable of provide a global perspective at the generation enterprise, and we’re committed to covering memories from all corners of the arena.

Our journey started out in 2016, while we first commenced writing about technology and innovation. Over the years, we’ve got honed our talents and advanced a deep understanding of the industry. We have contributed to many websites and magazines, and we’ve constructed a loyal following of readers who respect our particular attitude on the topics that we cover.

In 2023, we determined to take our ardor to the following level through developing our own mag. We wanted to create a platform where we may want to inform the testimonies that we’re most captivated with, and we wanted to do it in a way that changed into authentic to our values. Our mag is a mirrored image of who we’re as a team – passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to telling the testimonies that depend.

We are excited to maintain our adventure and to percentage our ardor for technology and innovation with the world. We hope that you’ll be part of us on this journey, and that you may find our mag to be a precious resource for staying up-to-date at the present-day traits and traits inside the industry. Thank you for traveling our About Us web page, and we look ahead to connecting with you quickly!

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