Twitter daily tweet reading limitsTwitter daily tweet reading limits

Twitter daily tweet reading limits: Did you reach your daily Twitter reading limit? Here’s why and what it means.

New restrictions for each type of Twitter account

If you’re an avid user of Twitter, you may have noticed significant changes to the platform on Saturday. Elon Musk, the owner, has implemented limits on the number of tweets users can view per day. The specific limit depends on whether the user’s account is verified, unverified, or new unverified. These “temporary” restrictions aim to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.

In this article, we will discuss the current restrictions and their implications for Twitter users.

Current Restrictions

Under these new regulations, most users are limited to reading 600 tweets per day. However, if you have a verified account and pay $8 per month for it, your daily tweet reading limit expands significantly into the thousands. According to Musk’s announcement, here are the current restrictions based on different types of accounts:

  • Verified accounts: 6,000 posts per day
  • Unverified accounts: 600 posts per day
  • New unverified accounts: 300 posts per day

Musk also mentioned that there are plans to increase these rate limits soon:

  • Verified accounts: 8,000 posts per day
  • Unverified accounts: 800 posts per day
  • New unverified accounts: 400 posts per day

Once users reach their daily tweet reading limit as set by these restrictions, they could be locked out of using the platform for that particular day. Some users even reported being unable to see their own tweets due to these limitations.

The implementation of these changes resulted in a brief outage affecting thousands of users over the weekend. According to reports from The Associated Press (AP), more than 7,500 people encountered difficulties accessing Twitter after these new restrictions were put in place.

Unsurprisingly given such constraints imposed by Twitter management recently; many users expressed dissatisfaction with these changes. Despite the introduction of new limits, hashtags such as #RateLimitExceeded, #TwitterDown, and #GoodbyeTwitter have emerged as users voice their discontent.


In conclusion, Twitter has introduced restrictions on daily tweet reading limits for different types of accounts. These limitations aim to combat excessive data scraping and system manipulation on the platform. While most users are restricted to 600 tweets per day, verified account holders paying a monthly fee enjoy higher limits of up to 6,000 posts per day. However, these changes have received mixed reactions from the user community and even caused temporary outages over the weekend.

It remains to be seen how these new restrictions will affect Twitter’s overall user experience and whether further adjustments will be made in response to feedback from its vast user base.

Twitter daily tweet reading limits
Twitter daily tweet reading limits

#RateLimitExceeded #TwitterDown #TwitterLimits #GoodbyeTwitter

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