Android SOS Feature Blamed for False Emergency CallsAndroid SOS Feature Blamed for False Emergency Calls

The Emergency SOS feature on Android phones, designed to assist users in contacting emergency services, has inadvertently created challenges for first responders in the UK. According to the BBC, police forces across the nation have experienced a surge of false emergencies flooding the 999 switchboard (equivalent to 911) in recent weeks. These incidents are largely attributed to the Emergency SOS feature implemented on Android devices.

Influx of False Emergencies Reported by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies in Scotland and various English counties including Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall, and Gloucestershire have reported an increased number of silent or abandoned calls since an Android update between October 2022 and February 2023 introduced the Emergency SOS calling feature to a wider range of Android phones. Each erroneous call takes approximately 20 minutes for operators to handle as they verify if it was made by someone unable to communicate verbally during an emergency situation (BBC).

The Functionality of SOS Feature

The SOS feature enables Android users to swiftly contact emergency services by pressing their device’s power button multiple times. However, this action can be easily triggered accidentally, resulting in a floodgate of false emergencies commonly referred to as “butt dialed” incidents.

Efforts from National Police Chiefs Council

Addressing this issue earlier this month via Twitter, the National Police Chiefs Council emphasized that disabling the Android feature could alleviate some burden faced by emergency responders. They also highlighted that silent calls received at 999 are never ignored; instead, call handlers need valuable time attempting callbacks to determine if assistance is indeed required (BBC). Users who mistakenly dial 999 were urged not hang up but rather stay on line and inform operators about their accidental call.

Evolution and Availability of Emergency SOS Feature

Emergency SOS was initially introduced with Google Pixel phones’ release of Android 12 back in 2019. While the feature has been technically available for almost two years on Pixel phones, similar issues were reported by Pixel users shortly after its launch. However, due to device manufacturers being responsible for implementing the feature (with customizations) on their own devices, Emergency SOS took time to reach other Android phone brands. Consequently, it is only recently that a significant number of Android phones have received this feature, drawing attention to the issue.

Google’s Response and Responsibility

Google responded to the situation by clarifying that phone manufacturers bear responsibility for providing and managing the Emergency SOS feature on their respective devices. A spokesperson from Google informed BBC that additional guidance and resources would be provided by Android to assist manufacturers in preventing unintentional emergency calls (BBC). It is anticipated that device manufacturers will soon release updates addressing this issue. In case users continue experiencing accidental calls, they are advised to temporarily switch off Emergency SOS until a resolution is implemented.

Disabling Emergency SOS Feature

To disable the Emergency SOS feature manually, users can access their device settings and search for “Emergency SOS.” Once located, they can toggle off this functionality.

Global Impact of Accidental Calls

It is worth noting that accidental emergency calls triggered by similar features are not exclusive to either Android or incidents occurring in the UK alone. Law enforcement agencies across Europe and Canada have also encountered a significant rise in accidental emergency calls related specifically to Android’s Emergency SOS feature. Apple has faced its own challenges with emergency calling functionalities as well; for instance, rollercoaster rides inadvertently activating iPhone 14’s Crash Detection feature.

In conclusion,

The unintended consequences of Android’s Emergency SOS feature have presented challenges for first responders in handling false emergencies caused by accidental activations. Efforts from law enforcement agencies aim at raising awareness among users about this issue while technology companies like Google provide necessary support through guidance offered to device manufacturers. Updates addressing these concerns are expected soon, reaffirming caution when using emergency features on devices and promptly informing operators of any accidental calls.

Android SOS Feature Blamed for False Emergency Calls
Android SOS Feature Blamed for False Emergency Calls

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