Reddit blackoutReddit blackout

The decision of Reddit to monetize get entry to its data has caused a major backlash, with heaps of subreddits going darkish this week in “Reddit blackout” protest.

Many customers are involved that the exchange will lead to the loss of life of 3rd party apps. As a result, moderators have made a number of the most popular communities private so one can reduce web site visitors and push for changes from the organization.

Over 6,000 subreddits and hundreds of millions of users have participated in this “Reddit blackout” protest as they fear that poor moderation tools through official app may make it impossible for them to continue their activities on Reddit. The subreddit r/Save3rdPartyApps also provides further insight into these issues.

Reddit blackout

Some third-party developers may be charged by Reddit

The protest called the “blackout” became precipitated by means of Reddit’s decision to introduce fees for 3rd party apps. These expenses can be based totally on utilization of Reddit’s utility programming interface (API), which is used to access records and content and expand new features.

Currently, the API is free for all users, however beginning from July 1st, 3rd party apps that exceed one hundred API queries consistent with minute may be charged $0.24 consistent with each 1,000 requests. According to Steve Huffman, CEO and co-founder of Reddit, this may have an effect on a minority of programs as maximum fall below this threshold and might retain getting access to the API totally free.

According to a New York Times interview with Huffman, the introduction of charges for third-party developers is justified as it ensures that they pay for the value generated through crawling Reddit. This change will tighten things up and ensure that users receive compensation for their contributions. However, many users have expressed concern that these new charges may threaten popular third-party apps and limit accessibility, forcing them to use the official Reddit app which lacks user-friendliness and accommodations for visually-impaired people.

Some third-party apps have already announced their closure due to this pricing plan. One such app is Apollo, which has around 900,000 daily users. Christian Selig, the Canadian developer who started Apollo said in a post on Reddit that “Reddit’s recent decisions and actions have unfortunately made it impossible for Apollo to continue.” Based on its current API usage, Selig shared that under the proposed plan, Apollo would be charged over $20 million per year.

Reddit blackout

Users of Reddit are urging the company to reduce its charges.

According to Reddit moderators who organized the protest, some subreddits will be blacked out for 48 hours while others will continue in private mode until their demands are met.

These demands include a reduction of API pricing so that third-party developers can cover costs through ads and subscriptions, as well as permission to run their own ads.

However, Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt stated that the company does not plan on making any changes to its previously announced API updates.

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