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Twitter’s new head, Linda Yaccarino, aims to make it the most accurate source of real-time information. Under Elon Musk’s ownership, Twitter has faced criticism for its attitude towards fake news and Yaccarino, whose trust and security chief has resigned in addition to repealing EU fake news laws, plans to turn it global a town square where people can do exchange raw information for free.

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According to Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation, users desire an unbiased town square. Elon Musk’s “free-speech absolutist” stance led him to criticize Twitter’s content moderation policies and promote right-wing accounts which resulted in a decline in revenue by 40% last December.

To bring advertisers back, they require clarity on user content and engagement expectations. However, Linda Yaccarino is expected to balance out Elon as he respects her.

After purchasing Twitter for $44bn (£35bn) last year, Musk was pressured to appoint someone capable of leading the firm so that he could concentrate on his other businesses such as Tesla and SpaceX.

Twitter 2.0

Mr. Musk, who recently regained the title of the world’s richest person, announced on the last month “May” that Linda Yaccarino would replace him as Twitter’s CEO in six weeks. However, she assumed her position earlier than planned after the resignation of the firm’s head of trust and safety.

Yaccarino is credited with guiding NBCUniversal through industry upheavals due to changing technology and overhauling its advertising sales business while launching its ad-supported streaming platform Peacock in 2020.

As executive chairman and chief technology officer, Mr.Musk continues at Twitter while Yaccarino manages business operations.

Daniel Ives from Wedbush Securities stated that he believes Linda has a solid vision for Twitter and knows how to monetize it which remains their golden goose; this is a great first step towards achieving it.

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