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Artificial intelligence to drive personalized diets based on individual physiology, experts suggest.

Report envisions “hyper-personalized” diets tailored to individual nutritional needs within 20 years. Get ready for fully bespoke eating experiences!

Exciting developments in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to revolutionize our relationship with food. According to a report commissioned by Deliveroo, innovative concepts such as BreathTech, virtual tastings, personalized diets driven by AI, and virtual reality dinner parties could reshape the way we eat and experience food. Join us as we explore these fascinating trends that may become commonplace in the next two decades.

BreathTech: Unveiling Insights through Your Breath

Imagine if your smartphone could provide deep insights into your health simply by analyzing your breath. This groundbreaking concept known as BreathTech holds tremendous potential for understanding which foods best suit individual needs. By harnessing AI-powered algorithms, this technology would offer a remarkable level of personalized dietary guidance tailored specifically to each person’s unique physiology.

Personalized Diets Empowered by AI

Gone will be the days of generic diet plans! The future lies in personalized diets that leverage advanced AI capabilities. Using sophisticated algorithms and data analysis, an AI-driven system would automate and tailor meal recommendations based on personal nutritional requirements. Consider it like having a lifelong “buddy” guiding you towards optimal eating habits while keeping up with changing needs throughout your life.

Virtual Tastings: Savoring Flavors from Afar

Prepare for a mind-bending experience where takeaways can be virtually tasted before placing an order! Leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), this cutting-edge concept aims to immerse individuals in simulated culinary experiences. Even those who shy away from vegetables might be enticed into enjoying healthier options when tricked into perceiving them as indulgent treats like chocolate or sweets.

Wine Cordials: Redefining Alcohol Consumption

For individuals seeking to reduce alcohol consumption without feeling deprived, wine cordials could prove transformative. These innovative concoctions replicate the taste and flavor profile of real wine, providing a satisfying alternative. By offering the illusion of enjoying wine without the alcohol content, individuals can savor the experience while making conscious choices about their consumption.

Embracing Alternative Staples

The report envisions a shift towards more diverse and sustainable food sources. Alternatives to traditional staples like corn and maize—such as amaranth, fonio, sorghum, teff, khorasan, einkorn, and emmer—are predicted to become mainstream by 2040. These nutrient-rich alternatives offer exciting possibilities for both culinary creativity and environmental sustainability.

Edible Beauty: Nourishing from Within

Enter the realm of “edible beauty,” where nutrition meets skincare. Imagine indulging in anti-aging ice cream or dining on hormone-balancing and dopamine-enhancing menus. This emerging trend suggests that our meals could not only nourish our bodies but also contribute to enhancing our overall well-being through carefully crafted ingredients with specific benefits.

Virtual Reality Dinner Parties: A Feast for the Imagination

Prepare for extraordinary dinner parties where you can create dream scenarios using virtual reality technology! Envision sharing a meal with your favorite celebrity or savoring delicacies in fantastical settings beyond imagination. Virtual reality dinner parties provide an immersive dining experience that transcends physical boundaries and opens up endless possibilities for socialization and entertainment.


As we peer into the future of food experiences, it becomes evident that groundbreaking technologies will reshape how we eat, taste, and interact with what’s on our plates. BreathTech diagnostics guiding personalized diets powered by AI algorithms are set to revolutionize nutritional guidance. Meanwhile, virtual tastings offer tantalizing previews before placing orders while expanding palates through sensory illusions. With these advancements on the horizon alongside alternative staples gaining popularity and edible beauty products redefining nourishment standards, the future promises a fascinating fusion of innovation and gastronomy. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other. The future of food is here, and it’s as exciting as ever!

Virtual Tastings
Virtual Tastings

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