Twitter's Google Cloud Unpaid BillsTwitter's Google Cloud Unpaid Bills

Twitter users around the globe experienced difficulties and delays on Saturday, as thousands of individuals were unable to access the popular social media platform. Reports began flooding in from frustrated users, prompting speculation about the cause behind these issues. Twitter’s Google Cloud Unpaid Bills is the root cause?

Twitter's Google Cloud Unpaid Bills
Twitter’s Google Cloud Unpaid Bills

Temporary Limits Imposed by Elon Musk

In response to user complaints, Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, took to his own account to address the situation. He stated that temporary limits had been implemented “to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.” These measures are intended to regulate activity on the platform.

Musk revealed that verified accounts are now limited to reading 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts can only read 600. Additionally, new unverified accounts have a daily limit of 300 posts. These restrictions aim to manage high volumes of content consumption effectively.

Speculations Surrounding Non-Payment Issues with Google Cloud

Rumors have emerged suggesting that Twitter’s recent actions may be related to an unresolved financial matter with Google Cloud. It has been suggested that failure to pay for its multi-year contract renewal could be causing disruptions within Twitter’s infrastructure.

The contract between Twitter and Google Cloud is set for renewal in June. However, reports indicate that payment obligations have not been met by Twitter recently. A previous report highlighted how this non-payment could potentially cripple trust and safety teams at the social media giant.

Accordingly, discussions surrounding a resolution between both parties have taken place after Elon Musk assumed control over Twitter last year. Recent developments suggest that matters concerning payment have progressed positively since then. Linda Yaccarino, Twitter‘s new CEO reportedly played a significant role in repairing relations between both companies during this period. Moreover, negotiations for an extended partnership are underway involving conversations between Yaccarino and Thomas Kurian (CEO of Google Cloud), according to reliable sources.

As such events unfolded within just the past month, it remains uncertain whether Elon Musk’s decision was influenced by these ongoing discussions between Twitter and Google.


In summary, Twitter users encountered difficulties and delays worldwide. Elon Musk acknowledged these issues on his own account, implementing temporary limits to manage excessive data scraping and system manipulation. Speculation has arisen regarding potential non-payment problems with Google Cloud, which could have impacted Twitter‘s operations. However, recent reports suggest that relations between both companies are being restored under new leadership. The full extent of this situation’s influence on Elon Musk’s decision remains unclear at present.

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