iOS 17 FeaturesiOS 17 Features

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 17, was introduced at WWDC 2023 with new features and capabilities designed to enhance the iPhone user experience. While some of these features are fresh and cleverly included in the new version of iOS, Apple has also ‘borrowed’ some from Android.

Here is a list of all the Apple iOS 17 features that Android already had:

1. Offline Maps

For the first time on its native navigation app, Apple has introduced offline maps. This feature was available on Google Maps and other mobile navigation service providers for a while now. In fact, iPhone users could access offline maps via the Google Maps app as well. With the iOS 17 update though, iPhone users can now access offline maps directly through their Apple Maps app.

2. Multiple Timers

Until now, Apple hasn’t had native support to set multiple timers on its clock app, however, with iOS 17 and iPadOS updates users can finally set multiple timers using their default clock app – another feature inspired by Android OS.

3. Contact Poster

Contact Poster is another feature inspired by Samsung smartphones running OneUI 5.1 which allows users to set full-screen images with customizable text for caller ID.

4. NameDrop

NameDrop is another new feature in iOS 17 allowing iPhone users to quickly share their contact details with nearby iPhones or Apple Watch wearers similar to NFC-enabled Android phones’ “Android Beam” functionality for more than a decade.

5. Standby Mode

Standby mode turns an iPhone into a digital table clock showcasing important details such as time and notifications while doubling as a digital photo album too! A similar function has been available on select android phones called screen saver or always-on display for almost ten years!

6. Album For Pets

iOS 17 finally offers pet owners dedicated albums in their gallery apps like Google Photos does since it has been available on both Android and iOS devices for a while.

7. Interactive Widgets

Apple introduced widgets to iPhones with the iOS 14 update and have improved them with every new version. Now, iPhones support interactive widgets in iOS 17 that can be used to control music, smart devices, and access various app services without opening it – just like Android OS supports first-party as well as third-party widgets too!

8. Live Voicemail

Finally, iPhone users can send live voice mail in real-time with automatic transcription support on iOS 17. Google’s dialer app for Android already had this feature for quite some time now; although Apple’s implementation is slightly more sophisticated than its counterpart.

9. FaceTime Messages

FaceTime now offers video previews allowing users to send audio/video messages during calls similar to Google Duo or Meet video calling apps which have had this feature available for a while.

10. Check-In

iOS 17 comes equipped with Check-In security features that allow users to keep their friends/family updated about an ongoing journey by providing details such as current location, battery level, cellular signal strength automatically. This safety check feature was first introduced by Google in their Personal Safety app back in 2020.

iOS 17 Features
iOS 17 Features

In conclusion, Apple’s latest mobile operating system brings several new features including some borrowed from Android OS. With these additions though come increased convenience and functionality offering iPhone users an enhanced experience overall!

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