Hiring Great PeopleHiring Great People

TechParkArea Growing!

At TechParkArea, we’re a new media agency based in Barcelona that focuses on technology, business, and finance. We’ve been growing really fast lately and that means we have lots of job openings for talented people.

To help us find these great candidates, we have an amazing HR department made up of hardworking people who are always looking for ways to make our company better. They work every day to identify top talent from all over and bring them into our team.

We believe it’s important to hire people with different backgrounds because they bring fresh ideas and perspectives. That’s why we actively seek out candidates from all walks of life.
But hiring isn’t just about finding great people, it’s also about helping them grow. That’s why we provide training opportunities so everyone can keep learning new things. Whether you’re interested in leadership skills or emerging technologies like AI or blockchain, there are plenty of chances to develop your skills at TechParkArea.

Our HR team plays a big role in making sure that TechParkArea stays ahead of the competition when it comes to attracting top talent. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

In 2022 (and beyond), we plan to expand even further which means more job opportunities across various departments within TechParkArea! If you’re someone who loves innovation and working in a fast-paced environment then come join us today – our doors are open!

Our Career Paths

Please check out our Careers page, and see if you would like to join us!

You can also check our Linkedin page to check the open jobs there.

You can also reach out our social media team by following our pages on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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