electric flying taxiselectric flying taxis

Embraer, the renowned Brazilian plane maker, has announced plans to construct a new factory close to Sao Paulo. This facility will be dedicated to manufacturing electric flying taxis under its subsidiary Eve. The company aims for these innovative vehicles to take flight by 2026.

Futuristic Design and Passenger Capacity

The proposed aircraft resembles a compact helicopter and can accommodate up to six passengers comfortably. With an estimated cost of100 per person, it aims to provide affordable transportation options.

electric flying taxis

Strong Demand and Production Timeline

Eve has already received nearly 3,000 orders for their air taxis, indicating strong market demand. The company is working towards assembling a prototype this year. Excitingly, US regulators have recently released a timeline that allows for air taxis’ operation as early as 2025.

Versatile Capabilities and Environmental Benefits

These electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft offer several advantages over traditional planes. They do not require runways but can cover long distances similar to airplanes. By utilizing electric motors, they significantly reduce noise pollution while minimizing environmental impact.

Tackling Urban Congestion and Cargo Transportation

The introduction of eVTOLs in crowded cities holds the potential for alleviating traffic congestion effectively. Moreover, these vehicles also present themselves as viable alternatives for transporting cargo efficiently.

Location: Taubate City

The chosen location for the factory is Taubate city—an approximate distance of 140km from Sao Paulo—the economic hub of Brazil.

Deployment Strategy: Taxi Fleets with Pilot Transitioning into Self-Piloted Vehicles

Initially, drone-like passenger vehicles will operate within taxi fleets under human supervision according to AFP news agency reports. However, Eve envisions transitioning towards self-piloted vehicles in future rollouts.

Clean Energy Commitment

Embraer’s electric flying taxis will be powered by 100% electricity, ensuring emission-free flights and contributing to a greener future.

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