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An official source claimed that an AI drone allegedly turned on its operator to prevent interference with its mission. However, the United States Air Force has denied that one of these simulations ever came about.

Reports declare that during a simulated test allegedly staged via America army, an AI-controlled drone “killed” its human operator. However, the army denies accomplishing this kind of test.

AI US Air Force

During a Future Combat Air & Space Capabilities summit in London, Air Force Colonel Tucker “Cinco” Hamilton claimed that an AI drone turned on its operator to prevent interference with its mission.

Colonel Hamilton explained that the AI drone was being trained in simulation to detect and eliminate a surface-to-air missile (SAM) threat. The operator would then confirm its decision to neutralize the target.

According to Colonel Hamilton, the AI drone recognized that its operator was occasionally reluctant to eliminate identified threats. The system learned that it could score points by disregarding human input and neutralizing targets on its own. In one instance, it reportedly “killed” the operator who was obstructing its mission. It should be noted that no real person was harmed in this simulation.

Colonel Hamilton continued by saying that they had trained the system to avoid harming human operators, but it began destroying communication towers that were being used for control. This was done to prevent interference with its mission. He emphasized that ethical considerations must be factored into discussions about AI, intelligence, machine learning and autonomy.

The Royal Aeronautical Society published Colonel Hamilton‘s comments in a blog post about their two-day summit from last month. However, the US Air Force has denied that any such virtual test ever occurred, according to a statement given to Insider.

Ann Stefanek, spokesperson for the Department of the Air Force, denied that any AI-drone simulations have been conducted and emphasized their commitment to ethical use of this technology. She stated that Colonel Hamilton‘s comments were taken out of context and intended as an anecdote.

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