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PC gamers may need to upgrade their systems as game developers start pushing for SSDs as the new minimum specification. In a recent Xbox Games Showcase event, it was revealed that Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield will require 125GB of SSD storage when it debuts on September 6th.

Similarly, CD Projekt Red has announced an update to Cyberpunk 2077 that requires an SSD at minimum and phases out HDD support. While these are not trending yet, they are good indicators of where gaming technology is headed.

According to CD Projekt Red’s blog post, “SSDs offer faster loading times, improved streaming, and better overall performance when compared to HDDs.” It means games like Cyberpunk 2077 would work much better with an SSD than an old-fashioned spinning hard disk drive (HDD).

With more console makers moving towards using only solid-state drives (SSDs), we can expect more PC games to also follow suit. Developers will continue leaving behind the older generation consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 in favor of newer ones like Xbox Series S / X and PS5 – both now equipped with fast-loading NVMe-based solid-state drives.

SSD Pc Gaming

While latest generation consoles all have SSDs built-in by default, cross-platform games still had significant limitations due to compatibility issues with slower HDD-equipped machines. Now that developers can take full advantage of speedy load times offered by next generation hardware without worrying about backward compatibility issues or other technical problems associated with legacy systems running outdated tech components.

As game development continues its march forward into the future of high-performance computing technology powered by blazing-fast solid-state drives (SSD), players who own older PCs running on traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDD) might eventually experience performance issues or bugs if they don’t upgrade soon enough.

In conclusion, while this shift from HDDs toward mandatory use of SSDs for modern PC games is still gradual, it’s only a matter of time before the latter becomes the new standard. It may be hard to let go of that giant 8TB spinning HDD you have been using for your PC game installs, but upgrading to an SSD might soon be necessary if you want to experience modern games at their best.

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